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Greg Lewis

Department Chair and Professor    , , ,

Ph.D., Syracuse University


Greg Lewis is professor and chair of Public Management and Policy.  He primarily teaches quantitative research methods in the master’s and doctoral programs.  He directed the Ph.D. program in public policy until 2012.

Lewis focuses his research on career patterns in the public service and on diversity issues more broadly.  Recent work examines the impact of veterans’ preference, performance ratings, and aging on public sector work forces.  Most of his work on public sector careers explicitly considers the impact of race and gender – on pay, performance ratings, promotions, turnover, and access to veterans’ preference, among other topics.

For the past decade, he has published widely on why public support for gay and lesbian rights, including same-sex marriage, has risen. He is one of the first scholars to study lesbians and gay men as government employees.  Early work examined how prohibitions on federal employment and security clearances for homosexuals were overcome.  More recently, he has focused on gay-straight differences in probabilities of public and nonprofit employment and on gay-straight pay differences within the sectors.

He serves on the editorial boards of the American Review of Public Administration and the American Political Science Review.