Academic Programs

The Andrew Young School is known for its education of nonprofit leaders, preparing those who aspire to be future leaders in the sector, and enhancing the skills of those already working in positions of leadership. We offer a full spectrum of degree and non-degree opportunities to study nonprofit management, policy, and other related subjects. Our unique setting in downtown Atlanta allows our faculty and students to work closely with the sector itself in an urban hub containing nonprofit organizations in every field and at every level—local, state, national and international.

Courses in the nonprofit curriculum cover a broad range of topics in leadership, governance and ethics, economic decision making, social policy, advocacy and law, international NGOs, financial management, marketing, fundraising, as well as human resource and volunteer management. Innovative course designs incorporate cutting edge theory and “best practices” in the nonprofit sector today. Graduate programs also typically involve internships, with a wide array of field learning experiences available in the greater Atlanta area. A number of funded research assistantships are available for full-time graduate students. The Amanda G. Hyatt Fellowship provides financial support for outstanding graduate students who are committed to nonprofit and civic leadership.